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Coy Mathis is a trans girl who won a case against her school when it tried to stop her using the girls' toilets.[1] Here she is wearing trousers.

Trans children (also trans-children or transkids[2]) is an umbrella term for prepubescent children who do not identify with, or do not conform to, the gender they were assigned at birth.

Many transgender people realise they are trans when they are children. Of course, since they are children they are at the mercy of their parents' and society's understanding of their gender identity. If parents understand and accommodate for their children's clothing choices, their need to delay puberty, and so on, they can take steps to help their child; unfortunately this is rare.

Debi Jackson's letter addresses many of the issues trans children and their parents have to deal with that are caused by cultural cissexism and transmisogyny.[3][4][5]


And here she is wearing a dress.

Trans and gender nonconforming children, like LGBT children in general, are prime targets for bullying both offline in school and cyber bullying:[6][7]

In the first week, she was called a ‘tranny’ and a ‘man-beast'. She was spat on and attacked in the corridors. Within her first six months of being at that school, she took four overdoses. We then pulled her out of school, but after a few months she decided to go back. Each year, the bullying and isolation got worse, and Nicki started harming herself. At the beginning of year nine, I transferred her to another secondary school, but unfortunately the kids there found out. At that point, I withdrew her from school completely, and the education welfare office found her a place at a Specialist Inclusive Learning Centre, which is a unit for children who can’t cope with mainstream schooling for various health reasons.[8]

As in the example above, bullying in school can be so serious that trans children's education is subsumed in priority by their survival into adulthood.[6][7]

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