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4chan is a bastion of internet culture, full of scholars and gentlemen. The posters there are powerful, distinguished, and quite dashing. Their collective razor wit brings delusional and less distinguished individuals to their knees daily. 4chan's users are not afraid of anything, and post only the highest quality content on the whole of the internet.

The History of 4chan

4chan was founded by moot, the pseudonym of Christopher Poole, on October 1st, 2003. They politely and courteously don't let you forget it since every anniversary of the board is celebrated with elegant party hats that block out anything there is to read.; this is out of their endless kindness.


4chan is the place where the Guy Fawkes masks become a symbol for anonymous gentlesirs everywhere.


In the center of this beautiful and charming website is /b/. Their tradition dictates that "GET BACK TO THE KITCHEN!" or "TITS OR GTFO!" are polite and useful additions to a conversation.


Another epicentre of cultural value is /pol/: where they share their important and valuable privileged middle-class perspective. Mentioning feminism here will get them very upset, so please do not do that. The place exists solely to keep the best of every oppression in one concentrated location on the internet.

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