General disclaimer

SJWiki would like to issue a general disclaimer with respect to the content of discussion pages, articles, images, and other files hosted on our wiki. No single user is personally responsible for the materials posted on this website. It is a wiki and as such it has the potential to be modified in order to invert or subvert the original intended meaning. If you notice any issues, please see the corrections section below for what to do. In other words, while the owners, contributors, and associates of SJWiki do indeed strive to keep information complete, respectful, up-to-date, and clear this will not always be possible given our nature as a wiki. As such, we do not advise you to use materials hosted here as:

  • a reference for any kind of homework or university work
  • a medium for self-diagnosis or self-help

If you understand these points but would like to use materials on this website, please read our copyrights page.


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