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Commercial use

If you want to use anything on SJWiki for commercial purposes, please contact us. We are happy to discuss releasing articles, or sections thereof, for commercial purposes on a case-by-case basis provided the informed consent of (non-minor) contributors is obtained. Because this is decided on an individual article or section basis, we advise commenting on the associated article's discussion page in order to negotiate any commercial use.

To facilitate the procedure, clearly state: the title and URL of the website, company, and/or other publication you will use our work on; the goal/theme of the aforementioned organisation; any potential monetary gains you might derive from access to our materials; and the thematic context in which our work will appear. We cannot guarantee that all requests for commercial use will be accepted, but if your goals and ideals are inline with, or supportive to, ours and our website's it is likely that we will grant you access.