Richard Dawkins

Regretfully, I think Richard Dawkins has become a liability

Greta Christina[1]

{{#invoke:Sidebar|sidebar}} Richard Dawkins is a prominent popular scientist with a past in evolutionary biology and ethology. He has made some misplaced statements on social justice issues, especially with respect to oppression,[2] religion,[3][4][5] and gender theory and feminism more generally.[6][7]


Dawkins is a prolific Twitter user, using the platform to touch on his opinions on important issues, often causing controversy. His views are often misguided and/or offensive; he has been known to descend into mansplaining and cisplaining basic issues like abortion rights.

On social justice, in and of itself, his views are largely negative, with a lot of straw thrown in:

Learned a useful new phrase this week: Social Justice Warrior. SJWs can't forgive Shakespeare for having the temerity to be white and male.[8]

This pejorative against social justice activists[9] was tweeted to him by a member of The Slyme Pit.[10]

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