Pinkwashing (breast cancer)

"Awareness campaigns have turned diseases into consumer brands, but some illnesses remain invisible"[1]
Pinkwashing is a marketing ploy.

Pinkwashing involves attempting to promote breast cancer awareness by changing the colour of an object to pink as part of a marketing ploy that ultimately backfires, i.e, that does not actually raise breast cancer awareness but promotes corporations and subserves their bottom line.[2][1] There are two forms of pinkwashing, the other involves appropriating LGBT rights movements.

Pinkwashing can be applied to any consumer good, by changing the colour to pink, and professing contribution to breast cancer awareness.[3] The irony is that sometimes the consumer good involved promotes some form of sexual objectification, e.g, the "Pink Sexy Leopard-ish Costume"[4] and/or the item or the process of manufacture causes cancer.[5]

Also ironic is the marginalisation of those breast cancer sufferers who need help the most, e.g., ethnic minorities, by the media portrayal of breast cancer sufferers as middle-class white women.[6] This is what happens when a campaign is run without any intersectional awareness.

The breast cancer awareness movement has been hijacked by consumerism and capitalism causing it to harm, instead of support cancer sufferers, their families, and valuable clinical research.[7]

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