Pinkwashing (LGBT rights)

The disingenuous invocation of “LGBT rights” by Israel and its supporters to divert attention away from its atrocities against the Palestinians is increasingly becoming part of the public debate around Israel and Palestine. By falsely juxtaposing “oppressed gay Palestinians” with “liberated gay Israelis”, and by flattening out relations of power and the political realities of occupation and the Apartheid wall, pinkwashers aim to harness the global LGBT movement into supporting Israel at the expense of the Palestinians.

—Pinkwatching Israel[1]

Anti-pinkwashing activist.

Pinkwashing involves using marketing tactics to hide homophobia and downplay acts, norms and legislation that uphold heteronormativity and cisnormativity and generally harm queer people as well as using political spin to shed light on small token acts of queer acceptance in order to detract from other violations of human rights.[2][3]

In a similar manner to the other meaning of pinkwashing, the LGBT movement and queer voices, are appropriated in order to further political goals and divert attention away from humanitarian crises. Specifically, "queer voices from Israel and Palestine and the gay rights struggle to distract from and normalize the numerous human rights and international law violations and the colonial and apartheid policies that the Israeli State has established on the ground.[4]

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