Not all x

"Not all x" used to silence.
"Not all x" used to prop-up faulty logic.

Not all x, where x is replaced by a privileged group, is a fallacy, silencing and derailing tactic. It is closely related to the no true Scotsman fallacy.

It can be seen as a manifestation of guilt, or a misguided attempt at fixing the problem, in light of oppressive forces, e.g., white guilt. It also can be a reaction to being accused of intersectional oppression as a group or individual when one is already a member of an oppressed group, e.g., the reaction feminists have when transphobia within feminism is discussed in general, or specifically trans-exclusionary radical feminism.[1] Furthermore, it can be seen as an example of the backfire effect.


Common examples include: "not all men" when discussing sexism[2]; "not all white people" when discussing racism; "not all socialists" and "not all anarchists" when discussing misogyny and other oppressions in socialism and anarchism[3]; and "not all feminists" when discussing racism and cissexism in feminism.[1]

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