Men's rights activism

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MRA logic.[1]

Men's rights activism, also known as men's rights activists (MRAs) and the men's rights movement, is a toxic anti-feminist ideology in support of "men's rights".

In theory it claims to be about equality stating that feminism is a front for misandry. [2] In practise, however, MRAs direct misogyny and anger at women and feminists, manifesting as slut shaming [3], verbal and physical abuse, and everyday sexism. [4] Some factions of the MRA community even enforce traditional gender roles, that men should be masculine and women should be feminine. [5]


Pre-Reddit MRA.[6]

The MRA movement has its roots from the men's liberation movement. The original movement was split into two factions: One that challenges the patriarchal restraints imposed on men in society, and another formed philosophically from masculism. [7] The second faction is what grew into the MRAs in its current form.[citation needed]

The internet is partly responsible for the current incarnation of MRAs. Instead of focusing on inequality, most modern day MRAs believe the origin of their issues is women and the feminism movement. [8] Popular areas for MRAs to gather are certain areas of 4chan and Reddit, specifically the subreddit known as "The Red Pill".

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