Internalized homophobia

One way of analysing the system that favours non-heterosexual people.

Internalized homophobia is the lowest level of bias against homosexuality, usually manifesting as a self-hatred and/or denialism of one's own orientation. The cause, as with all internalized oppression, is due to cultural-level norms, in this case heterosexism.

It is most often cis white men who are publicly documented to suffer from internalized homophobia and biphobia.[1] This is for a variety of intersectional reasons including sexism (women and gender-variant people have fewer positions of power), racism and media bias. This is not to imply that lesbians are not affected by internalized homophobia, as the actual case is quite the opposite.[2]

The effects of suffering from internalized homophobic self-hate can be life-threatening, e.g., not seeking help for HIV/AIDS.[2]

Examples include famous men who rally against gay people's human rights and/or for anti-LGBT laws and then come out of the LGBT closet.[1]

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