Horizontal oppression

The result of people of target groups believing, enforcing, and acting on the agent system of discrimination. This can occur between members of the same group (e.g., a Chicano telling another Chicano to stop speaking Spanish), or between members of different target groups (e.g., Asian Americans fearing Blacks as criminals, Latinos believing stereotypes that Native Americans are alcoholics).

—Caroline Kyungah Hong[1]

Horizontal oppression (also lateral oppression) is a type of marginalisation and oppression that occurs within a specific group by some members towards people who lack the same or similar privileges. For example, truscum and Harry Benjamin syndrome supporters within transgender communities target trans individuals who disagree with them, antiblackness within black communities, femmephobia within feminism and within LGBT communities, and many other forms of in-group respectability politics, etc.

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  1. Dynamics of Oppression Handout, by Caroline Kyungah Hong