Hacked celebrity photos

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What these people are doing [sharing hacked nude photos] is reminding women that, no matter who they are, they are still women. They are forever vulnerable.

—Roxane Gay[1]

"The Nude Selfie Sage" mansplaining how to be a woman.[2]

Hacked celebrity photos are (often nude) private intimate photographs of women celebrities obtained illegally and/or unethically by means of hacking or socially engineering. While men can be included in such leaks, they are seen as "collateral damage".

These photographs, and sometimes accompanying conversations, are shared on social media websites, especially 4chan and Reddit with the explicit intent of men's sexual enjoyment. As such, such sharing of hacked photos "is an act of sexual violation, and it deserves the same social and legal punishment as meted out to stalkers and other sexual predators."[3]


The main repercussions of sharing such materials is upholding rape culture, by means of slut shaming, denying women access to the privilege/right to privacy, enforcing the norm that sexual objectification is acceptable, amongst other toxic norms (heterosexism, body shaming, etc).


Body-shaming women pre-dates hacking the cloud as a method to obtain photographs:

Revealing nonconsensual nudes of the famous female body is not new. In 1983, Vanessa L Williams was the first black woman crowned as Miss America. She had little time to enjoy her achievement, however, because Penthouse published naked pictures of her, and she was forced to relinquish the crown. Williams has gone on to a successful career in film and television, but her biography will always have this footnote. She will always be reminded of the time someone decided to put her in her place because she had the audacity, as a woman, to rise too far.[1]