Fat people who love themselves scare the shit out of people who don’t love themselves. Even fat people who are TRYING to love themselves scare the shit out of people who can’t do the same. We force people to have to look at why they hate their bodies because we are “supposed” to hate ours and we don’t. And sometimes they have no idea what to do with that, so they act like assholes.

—Tigress Osborn[1]

Weight stigma exists within the medical community.[2]
Venus of Willendorf

Fatphobia (also fat phobia or fat-phobia, and sometimes referred to as obesophobia) is the fear and hatred of all people who are perceived as fat, overweight, and/or obese, regardless of their health.

A direct result of fatphobia is weight stigma: the oppression, marginalisation, mocking, and shaming, of anybody whose body is in any way classified as being larger than the perceived norm. Fatphobia, as is often the case with oppressive phobias, reinforces and is reinforced by sexism and misogyny, racism and antiblackness, and in the West classism and poverty. Because of the triple intersection, fatphobia and misogynoir are often intertwined.

Fatphobia is a direct result of the same power structure that creates thin privilege.

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