Biphobia is aversion toward, and belief in stereotypes of, bisexual and biromantic people. People of any orientation can be biphobic, and often rely on negative stereotypes to base their views on.

People that identify as bisexual often have to face unique hate, from both heterosexual and homosexual groups. Biphobia stands alone from homophobia due to the most common stereotypes that grow biphobia.


Bisexual persons often face the statement that their sexuality is not a valid one. This stems from a binary view of sexuality, that a person can only be heterosexual or homosexual, and that any in-between is just confusion, experimentation, or hiding their true sexuality.

Another way bisexuals are often negated as a sexuality is the idea that being bisexual is just a fad. People state that a person is only claiming bisexuality to seem hip or to fit into their area. The term "bisexual chic" is used to belittle a bisexual person's genuine feelings of attraction to multiple genders.


This stereotype stems from the idea that a person is only bisexual when only one gender is not enough to satisfy them, often labeling them as sex addicts, sluts, "easy", and for women, nymphomaniacs. As a result of this, bisexuals often have to face accusations of not being truthful to their partners, living a double life, and increasing the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. Bisexuals likely have to face uncalled for repercussions from their partners over the false idea of an increased possibility for them to be unfaithful.

Bisexuals are also often lumped in together with people that practice open relationships, polyamory, swinging, and polygamy (despite polygamy being known as a religious, heterosexual practice).

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